Jumat, 21 April 2017

Info Nusa Penida.      Guyangan (Mata Air)
The Guyangan water source is projected to be able to drain clean water to eight villages in Nusa Penida namely Kutampi Village, Batu Kandik, Sekar Taji, Madeg Stone, Tanglad, Pcelutan, Klumpu, and Flower Blooms. The journey from the entrance to the springs water, quite exotic, passing stairs quite a lot, iron stairs along the way down the stairs made of iron we can while enjoying the scenery is so amazing that tired did not feel especially when it came to the eyes the water paid off already tired that we experienced earlier with the natural treats are so fascinating.

But caloric fatigue will be paid off by the beautiful scenery and you can swim in a pool of cold water.

Location: Nusa Penida

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