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Info Nusa Penida  .      Pura Paluang
The problem of unique tourist spot, Nusa Penida is the answer. One of the attractions that you must visit the Pura Paluang. But REMEMBER !!!, when visiting / entering the temple area you have to use cloth and "belt" (kamben and sunteng / rambet).

Pura Paluang Temple (Paluang Temple) There are two buildings that look unique, the pelinggih that resembles a car. One VW Beatle, the other one can be said to be similar to Jimmy's car.

This Beatle VW car is on a rectangular stage, complete with carvings on the sides. This car is colored gold on the hood, and yellowish brown on the body. The vehicle number plate is KD 013. While Jimmy's car, which is not far from the VW car, looks painted red. This car plate is DK 28703 GL.

Pura Paluang is located in Banjar Karang Dawa, Desa Bunga Mekar. adjacent to Klingling Beach attractions..

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