Jumat, 21 April 2017

Info Nusa Penida.      Guyangan (Mata Air)
The Guyangan water source is projected to be able to drain clean water to eight villages in Nusa Penida namely Kutampi Village, Batu Kandik, Sekar Taji, Madeg Stone, Tanglad, Pcelutan, Klumpu, and Flower Blooms. The journey from the entrance to the springs water, quite exotic, passing stairs quite a lot, iron stairs along the way down the stairs made of iron we can while enjoying the scenery is so amazing that tired did not feel especially when it came to the eyes the water paid off already tired that we experienced earlier with the natural treats are so fascinating.

But caloric fatigue will be paid off by the beautiful scenery and you can swim in a pool of cold water.

Location: Nusa Penida

Rabu, 19 April 2017

Info Nusa Penida      Pasih Uug (Broken Beach)
Pasih Uug has its own uniqueness. You can see the cliff in the center of the hole. Or a translucent tunnel. Sea water into the hole, so the water is like trapped in the middle of the tunnel .. The shape can be practically circular with high cliffs around him. If you come here in the rainy season, at that time the grass begins to flourish, then the scenery around it will look green guys. But if you go there in the dry season, then the landscape will be barren. But although arid, but still fascinating. Anyway cool abis, there is nothing wrong for mecoba for vacation to Nusa Penida. On top of the hollowed cliff, above it looks like a bridge and you walk on it. Maybe your holiday to Nusa Penida will be more fun if with friends or family. Pasih Uug or Broken Beach adjacent to Angel's Billabong.

Location: Banjar Sumpang, Bunga Mekar Village, Nusa Penida, Bali..

Selasa, 18 April 2017

Info Nusa Penida      Crystal Bay Beach.

Crystal Bay or formerly known as Penida Beach offers impressive scenery and beautiful panoramic views.

Surrounded by two headlands and a small hill on the high seas, local people call it Jineng Stone. Crystal Bay is a favorite place for many international and local visitors as a tourist destination.

For those of you who like twilight, this place really recommend because the beach facing west, So you can watch the sunset (Sunset Nusa Penida). What looks right over the Bali Sanur Beach Hotel is so exotice.

Not only that, in the crystal bay you can also do activities such as diving, snorkeling, swimming, sunbathing, playing beach ball. There is also Spa Trapi every afternoon. Suitable also doing Campieng Day activities.

Location: This beach is located in Banjar Penida, Sakti Village, Kec. Nusa Penida

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